The tuning box takes live data from various engine sensors and delivers optimised signals to the ECU, making the engine perform as it should. I've read somewhere that VAG dealerships supposedly 'mark' those cars upon spotting in the central VAG administration to have some ammunition during a possible warranty claim in the future, even though there is no claim (or even any technical malfunction) at that time. Whether or not they'd be bothered is another matter. As well as being highly detectable it is also strong, hardwearing, brightly coloured, chemical resistant, shatter resistant, FDA approved and EU complaint. I can understand why this is all done, but I'm having issues with the whole principle of the manufacturer telling you what you can or cannot do with your purchased product. A: Absolutely, our tuning boxes are 100% safe, and will not damage your engine in any way. In the US APR seems to get around this by downloading and storing the origanl maps from every car they flash. The change will always remain detectable. Do I need to remove my tuning box for servicing and MOT's? Removing the tuning box will return your vehicle back to its original condition. All of your vehicle's existing safety features are always in control of your engine, as they would be without a tuning box fitted, and none of our systems override or alter your vehicle's settings at any time. I was going to wait until it had its first service which I paid for on the 3 or 5 year service plan, I drive says it needs servicing in 3700 miles but bmw say they wont do it until 1000 miles before the 3700 is up. Chip Tuning Boxes – Top 5 Companies Top 5 Chip Tuning Box companies on this page make plug and play tuning boxes for petrol and diesel engines. Apart from having it wiped during routine service where they might not check for such deviations, how likely is it for them to 'spot' the deviation in the software? Copyright 2002-2020 SUMMIT 360 Ltd. E.& O.E. You can be sure that your TDI Tuning tuning box understands your engine. Tuning boxes review "The truth about tuning boxes." I had a 2003 registered mk1 rs from new... That one had an apr chip stage 1, with 4 days left on the warranty, the gearbox fell out... and was replaced no quibbles. They can simply be removed at any time from the vehicle. Tuning boxes fool the ECU into increasing boost and fuel by providing it with incorrect (lower than reality) readings. +1 for DTUK, also a big plus that it's transferable to subsequent vehicles. They have no impact on your factory warranty, so are perfect for newer vehicles where tampering with the ECU is a concern, theres no fault codes or warranty flags activated in the ECU as the box acts as essentially a whole new ECU just taking over certain engine control parameters from the ECU. More power or more economy? Will these tuning boxes increase my emissions? They require no specialist knowledge or tools and installation takes around 15 minutes. If re-installed and no problems occur at level 4, move the tuning box up to its maximum by one setting every ten miles at a time. When I bought the 335d i got SC to send me the map for the 335d ( after coughing up a couple of hundred). Hi, I'm new to BM's and have just bought a (E90) 320D M Sport. What about the Superchips Bluefin remap, can that be detected say if one removes it before a service? This ensures that if you wish to remove the tuning box for maintenance or servicing you can do but this isn't a requirement. so do I wait another 3 months to fit the box, id like to do it now but don't really want the hassle of removing it when the car is serviced or should I risk and leave it on. |, Improved Remap and Engine Carbon clean offer, The ability to be easily removable from the vehicle and the ability to be easily transferred to another vehicle if required. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Flashing errors / mistakes happen, detection methods evolve quickly, so what is undetectable today........ Edit- qualifying my post - flashing back to stock must be with your original stock file, not stock mode or similar, Pretty sure the ecu on the mk3 is different to the 7r and I'm pretty sure it has a flash counter, Another caveat - 'doesn't have a flash counter ' = information recieved from a well respected tuner who provides custom maps, and hasn't seen one anywhere in the software, Lots of Siemens ecu's do have flash counters , but as they say "you pays your money and you take your chance", So like most information on this subject, it's as clear as mud, And very difficult to stay current , VAG are actively checking on remaps now , more than ever , just because they may or may not be able to find out now doesn't mean that won't change next week or next month, Mind you we are lucky here in some US States they scan the ecu during the mot , any unapproved changes between tests results in a fail and big bill to sort out. Did you drive the vehicle for 10 miles between increasing to each of the modes? We're always adding new vehicles so it's best to check if in doubt. One of the cases made for it is that fuels are supposedly of a (much) higher quality here and that unlocks better potentials (I for one only use premium diesel). the o on the box apparently makes no difference to the standard power. If this is of interest to you please give us a call or send us an email and we'll be able to advise a price and availability. It may not be detectable nor overwritten, but I'm damn sure they'd notice it when test driving after the repairs. The only exception is our Landrover TD5 tuning boxes which do. Unlock the potential of your engine. It takes about 2 minutes to remove it, why risk it? Hope the info helps even if the English is ****e. Interestingly, in Switzerland many "main dealers" offer 3rd party upgrades so you can order a car & have it delivered with an upgraded exhaust or ECU. The mk1 continued until early 2008 without any issues until my mk2 arrived. Every tuning box is engineered by our expert technicians to work seamlessly with your vehicle. However they can be quickly and easily removed altogether if you choose at any time reverting your vehicle to factory standard. You may have not installed the product correctly, we would suggest first attempting a re-installation of the product in order to ensure it has been correctly installed. Our extensive knowledge gives us the ability to provide you with a product that is safe to use. Blufin is not (yet) available for the MK3 VRS / GTI 7 engine. Keep up to date with company news and receive exclusive offers. The tuning software is shipped pre-programmed with settings that are specifically designed for your car. However, I'm also told that 'nowadays' it's near-impossible for you (or the tuner) to hide this upgrade for your dealer. Almost all manufacturers develop one engine and limit it electronically to comply with worldwide regulations, fuel grades, climate etc. Obviously most dealers are only franchises & unrelated to the original manufacturer but it gives you more confidence that they cant argue over any warranty problems because they sold you the updates. However, if you wish to make fine-tuning adjustments to these settings (e.g. Following this, we would suggest increasing the box mode to its maximum, please refer to your supplied instructions on how to do this. Find a dealer you can have a long term relationship with, they trust you, you trust them and work together, a car is a long term investment for most. If someone suspects and goes looking they will find it. While tuning boxes can be safe, the safest way to perform any tuning on your car is by logging the vehicle data and a Custom Remap by a professional. well couldn't resist so fitted it tonight took about 20 minutes so removing it for service is no problem, will give the car a run tomorrow. Q: Do I need to inform my insurance company? All content is viewed and used at your own risk. This means your engine has much more to offer in terms of power and economy. A: No, the tuning boxes do not reprogram the vehicle's ECU in any way whatsoever nor do they leave a trace. If you followed the adjustment instructions and still have a warning light at the maximum setting, adjust the box back to setting 4 and contact our customer services for further guidance. If you can't find your vehicle using our quick search feature at the top of this page please do not hesitate to send us an email query or call us and we'll do our best to advise you if a tuning box is available. A: Our tuning boxes connect to the fuel injection system within the engine bay. First, try completing disconnecting the tuning box and attempting a re-installation, this will help you ensure you have installed it correctly with all plugs firmly attached. Please note the following important links Terms of Use. The turbo issue is apparently the 163bhp older model. They affect nothing else. I heard on one occasion that some modern cars even log the speeds driven and brake forces applied. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. That is a lot of info, thank you all! A: You will receive a tuning box with correct software, along with the correct wiring harness and fitting instructions. How 'detectable' are Stage 1 tunes on the Mk3? Our tuning boxes release this natural power and are designed to be used by the every-day driver, offering incredible gains with zero risk to your vehicle. I have no reservations about the quality of their work (there are loads of references to be found for them and all of them were positive), just about possible issues/discussions with the dealership. As BillyB says, a simple way to handle this is having a good dealer/service centre but this goes for any warranty claim or repair even if you didn't modify your car. No they will not, most of our customers leave these tuning boxes installed for MOT's or other inspection works and have never had an issue. See our, Copyright © AutotechTuning 2014. However, all our tuning boxes are designed to plug in and be removed very quickly and easily. As far as I am aware, no tuner has yet announced that they have "hacked" into the Bosch ECU used in the B9 S5, so tuning boxes are the only option. Somebody please inform me if they can read it any other way. Our products connect with your engine via the fuel and turbo sensors, ensuring your ECU is always in control and no damage can come to your engine. All Rights Reserved. Guess its between a DTUK and a switchable map. They can identify very easily, but they need a reason to look, they have to do a scan as the first part of a warranty claim and thats when they will see it . Well that's just it - they seem to store more than just ECU values, it stands to reason why they would want to store values such as oil temperature, turbo pressure and such. Do you offer an engine warranty with your product? They advertise these on the dealership websites & in the showrooms. However it's worth noting that a tuning box will yield the same power gains but gives you the flexibility to remove the tuning box at any time being fully un-detectable. The standard ECU doesn't have to be touched so there no effect on warranty, and no risk of damage. Octavia 2001 Mirror shell LH MECHANISM BROKEN, Skoda Superb Mk2 Combi/estate boot floor carpet. There is a link to a good explanation of how the vag system flags non-standard maps and from my understanding, it's entirely automated. Regarding adjustable boxes, if a tuning box was ever used these are the worst, if the car is "tuned with a box" proplery it should NOT be adjustable by the customer . However, they may be willing to take on the risk of providing warranty (i. E. Cover the costs if vag wont). You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. A: No, our products are 100% plug and play, no cutting or soldering is required. bloody typical now the car is 2 years old the red urgent service light has come on so have to remove the tunit what a PITA, sod law strikes again. We provide OEM connectors on the provided wiring harness to ensure a correct fit, the tuning box sits in-line with your vehicle's existing electronics, they are 100% plug and play so can be installed at home with minimal effort required(instructions are included).

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